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last year


I do not currently have a pet.
When I was living in Canada, we had a family cat that we had found when she was still a kitten.
One day we heard pitiful meowing and hissing outside, so we went to investigate. There was this large tomcat beating up on this little small kitten. We chased him away and took her into the house. Of course, we kept her and took care of her. She was a loving cat who enjoyed our company. A house cat, she would not want to go outside. In fact, when we held her and walked outside, she would visibly started shaking and clinging to us. I suppose her bad experience was imprinted on her. She only felt safe in the house, with us.

October 2006 - Our cat Daisy making eyes at me while I was working in the studio and contorting on my work table to attract my attention.

About the photos: they are hosted on Steempix.com: you can right-click and select open in new tab to see the large files. They are all quite big!

in my studio, in front of my image box "Time Master"

I am cute, don't you agree?


with my son Otti, 2007

in my studio, watching who knows what?

I am trying to hypnotise you!

at first you might not see anything unusual, but look again:
I switched the eyes of my former wife with the cat, cloning 2 images together!

Of course, these pictures are from over a decade ago - if she were still alive, she would be quite old. Unfortunately, and sadly, she passed away before her time: in early 2011, she became sick, would not eat, was losing patches of hair and was unable to move very much.

I am still remembering her hunting flies on the windows, or racing like crazy up and down the stairs from the upstairs bedroom to the living room and back .....

To see her ailing like this was a heart breaker. Eventually, I would be liquefying her food and feeding her with a pipette. It was so sad. In the end, we had to put her down. There was nothing the vet could do.

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Note: I am an Austrian Artist living in Vienna

About my Work - a Introduction

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Cutie Cats and your wife looks like a cat too. Your sun names Otti? very lovely name 🧡


Otti is his "nickname", a diminutive form of Otto, since he was named after me. That is what I got called when I was little. My friend Vesna calls me that now, once she knew about it.