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Life in this very kingdom is said to be "the survival of the fittest!"
Many say the struggle begins the minutes you arrive the earth, attributing this to the first cry of an infant!
This very ideology is weaved technically into our upbringing. We are are taught to fight hard for what we want and never say NEVER!


Coming home with your report sheet at the end of the term(in jubilation), after clinching the 3rd position in class, you're made to see that the child that came first is no better than you are.; instead of been encouraged to be a better version of yourself. Competitive spirit!

That's why we secretly crave for the success of others and cunning plot their fall, just to take their place.
Some of us go miles cheating, stealing, prostituting and even diabolical, just to measure up! So sad!
Jacob(supplanter) was a man like this. He got all he has ever gotten by struggles and deceit.
Many of us act and live like Jacob did.

It happens that in this kingdom, you do not become great by strength nor struggles.
The more insufficient you realize you are, the better the chances of getting help from God.
Where your strength ends, God's help begins there.

Jacob with his concept of fighting for his desire, fought with the Angel all night. Then his strength was taken( the angel touch his hip bone)and God's blessing rested. (Gen 32).

Many of us, this is exactly what life brings to us; that whilst we glory in strength and ability, life blows them out, then we become truly weak and insufficient, and then God's help can show up.
The man that truly acknowledges his insufficiencies, will go far with God.

David cried " where can I go from you presence" " take not your Holy spirit from me".
Stop going to God with alternatives; prayers with alternative never bring results nor holds faith!
Go to God fully relying on Him and stay with Him until help comes.
Truly by strength no man shall prevail.

Don't you think, its time to do it God's way, oh wise business man.
Don't you think its time to let God rule, oh married man!
Don't you think its time to preach God's sermon per time, than mysteries and portals. Oh clergy!
Let Him become Lord, not just Savior!

God truly wants to help you, but you must step down!
Follow his strategy!

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