Valentino Rossi Is Positive Corona, Other MotoGP Racer Fears

3 months ago


VETERAN Yamaha racer, Valentino Rossi, tested positive for the Corona Virus (Covid-19). This condition then shocked the world of MotoGP racing because Rossi became the first racer in the premier class to contract Covid-19.

The racer nicknamed The Doctor was tested positive for the Corona Virus on October 16, 2020. Now, the seven-time MotoGP world champion is required to undergo a quarantine period of at least 10 days.

Responding to this, the Suzuki Ecstar racer, Joan Mir, admitted that he was quite surprised. Because he knows Rossi as a disciplined figure and of course adheres to good health protocols.

Even so, Valentino Rossi is still exposed to the Corona Virus. No doubt, this condition made Mir and the other riders a little scared. Because, now they also have the potential to be infected.


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