750,000 Reasons, see you again next year!

last year


Dear friends and followers,

There are too many reasons in life that stop us from moving forward or spend time to do everything that you wanted to do. At certain point, we all have to make a decision. What to do when your responsibility overtake your ability? What to do when you can't be there for everyone? What to do when time has become your worse enemy?

I think many of us have been trough this before... sometimes we have to set a priority.

Today I have to take a timeout and focus on my real life first. Try to make an improvement in my life project and focus on my future. The reality is always harder as a life in the social media, it requires a lot from us and sometimes it knocked us hard.

After spending time, energy and money, it's still a long way home and I am far away from my goal. I will not be able to stay active on the social world until next year. At the end of the day... I am just a tired women, running out of energy for doing everything I wanted to do.

Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 00.02.30.png

At this point, real life comes first

Time and duty have become my biggest challenge , I have to concentrate on my real life and reduce my social media duty. I will be active at the background, you can reach me on discord if you need help but this post should be my last post of this year....I will be back online when my important work is done.

Struggle is part of the reality

Very professional people I hired to work on my new home could not keep the schedule. We are in Winter, the weather is too cold for the construction work and we still have not finished the floor, the heater is now to wait. My new home is far away from my current home, many hours driving by car and its very tired when I have to drive there to work after being busy with my job. From Monday- Thursday I am working at home and from Friday - Sunday I have to be at my new home project and try to do every little work I can to limited the cost.




Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 00.02.30.png

Your backstage supporter

I will be there for you at the background. If you need help or has any problem, you can still reach me on the discord.

Thank you for all your love and support! Until we meet again, take care🧡

PS: If anybody is interested to run the 'Light up WEKU' weekly contest, please contact me on the discord. I will delegate my WP to you.


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We all need time for our families and time to recharge our batteries. Being in the real world without the distractions and worries we take upon ourselves by trying to exist in another world in cyberspace is a healthy thing for us all.

We still can keep the memories of being part of the Weku family. All families grow up and change and separate with the passing of time, but the memories will remain.

That is reward enough, Cat.

Thanks for the memories.


Thank you for your support a long this journey Will. Its a great experience to have a chance to get to know great people like you and many others. Your valuable suggestion will be my great teacher. Left you a message on discord.

My congrats to your new house my dearest beautiful @siamcat ❤🌻.


Thank you dear friend, keep up the great work and positivity, until we meet again 🌻

My dear friend - I've taken a lengthy absence myself and understand your priorities. I am looking forward to next year, and hope your new place will be habitable soon, but winter does slow such projects to a crawl.
In spite of you being so busy, I do appreciate you dropping in on my exhibition in Halbturn this past weekend. It was nice to see you again. It meant a lot to me.
🎅🏼 Have a Merry Christmas ☃️


Thank you my friend, happy holiday to you too🌻

Dear @siamcat!

In life it is always important to be clear about the priorities and know how to value what we have in terms of affections.

We must take care and take care of the tangible life, that which surrounds us, with which we live day by day!

There will be time for other things!

Good luck in your real life, to get some air and keep fighting!

Surely at some time we will see you again here.

To redirect the energies to the place you need.

Big hug!


Thank you for your positivity and respectful to all. Keep this value in your heart and stay who you are🌻

Is this all going to go away, after many things we've been through together with the various challenges we face?


Will be back Avanso, sometimes its good to take a step back. Takecare!

This is not a short amount of time @siamcat😿
It doesn't matter, what's important to hope for is success in your real world. Even though difficulties and obstacles come, keep the spirit and struggle.

We Are Weku🧡


Thank you for your wishes Cekmae! I wish you the same and you know where to find me 😸

Memang ide yang andan putuskan sangat bagus dan sangat menguntungkan.


Terima kasih

Everything we go through all the time must be able to divide our time well then success and happiness will always be there to be enjoyed.

Still a long journey....


Thank you for your encouragement!

Masa demi masa, perjuangan yang selama ini anda kerjakan masih belum membawakan hasil, kami yang berada di belakang layar tentu menunggu apa yang diimpikan, semoga di tahun ini kita bisa melihat apa yang kita harapkan dan impikan terwujut, walaupun kita tidak bisa berkata apa-apa yang namun kita selaku pendukung Weku mengharapkan agar lebih baik dimasa depan.... terima kasih @siamcat

We Are Weku..


We Are Weku 🧡

I have a little one too at home, who is all over the house from the first ray of light all the way till night time and with other responsibilities and work, I get exactly how it can turn out to be. So take the rest that we ladies well deserve 😊 and hope you get to complete the work on your home soon.


Thank you Kimi...when the battery is empty, we all need to recharge it!

**Hopefully this platform will last until you return again next year. Even though this is a very long time but we will faithfully wait for you to come back here with us.



In our heart things last longer... keep faith in life and we will be ok!

It is good that you take care of yourself, your baby will be happy that Mom has a rest and more time for him.
Sending you good energy, the sun never stops shining. See you soon


Thank you for always being a positive and kind person... your wishes are meaningful. See you on the background 🌻

Life is indeed always going to be obstacles, and challenges. busyness and routine in the real world also makes us far from friends in social media. I'm glad tonight can meet again with postimgan @siamcat. the hope is that you can be active again in Weku often, to make us even more excited. compact greetings are always inspirational friends, success is always with you 😊


Thank you friend! keep up the good work 😸

Keep on getting excited my friend! In carrying out daily activities in real life. But we have lost a good leader on social media, we always miss you! Have a nice day. Good luck with your goals @siamcat ....


Thank you for your support. Keep up the good work!

Take a break. Take all the time you need. Real life is more important. Best wishes!


Thank you for the good wishes Vince!

Following the work rhythm and also adjusting to the work environment is one of the main challenges that will be faced when pursuing a career. All of this might not be easy, especially for those of you who are just about to start a career.

To overcome these challenges well, you will need high discipline from the start.

Work rhythms and work environments are often not always "friendly", but if you have high discipline and motivation, then all of this will feel much easier and more enjoyable. So do these two things, okay? I as a loyal friend who followed you since a year ago was very sympathetic to your hard efforts so far, you are a woman who is strong and patient, your motivation and dedication here can spur the spirit of WEKU friends. even though I haven't been active here, it doesn't mean that I ignore this platform, but because I'm also like you who have dreams and hopes for the future.

Congratulations dear @siamcat, your new home and your dreams have become more real before my eyes, I hope you never stop. After reading this post, I feel very sad if we have to part with a long time, but I still hope you come back soon and accompany WEKU friends. Thank you my beloved family

We Are Weku


Thank you ! Don't be sad... everything happen for reason and you can still find me on the backstage.