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How are you all, hope you will be doing fine and blessed it's me @moeenali here with another quest reward post in which i will be explaining a new life monster the silver shield sheriff.


The horseback Sheriffs of Khymeria are tasked with enforcing Khymian law, especially in the places known for being riddled with dissenting Peacebringers. These horse-riding lawfolk live solitary lives with few friends.


Well, if you are a player of Splinterlands game then you may know about this monster that belongs to life family and the name of this monster is SILVER SHIELD SHERIFF. The rarity of this monster is rare and you can easily get this monster from your daily quest or in your season end rewards that you can use in your high mana battles with life summoner because it occupies high mana and you can not use it in low mana battles so better to use it in high mana battles. it has some nice abilities like sniping, piercing, and protection when you upgrade this monster to a higher level.

Quest Rewards


Here are the quest rewards that i claimed today after completing the quest with fire splinter. Actually, today quest was with death splinter and i played lots of battles but i won only one battle while completing the quest and lose many battles then i skip the death quest and got with fire splinter which is easy because of the high upgraded deck in which i can use up to level 6 cards.

So after completing the quest with fire summoner i got these rewards which include one rare monster of life family that i already explained above you can see it and the rewards that are claimed you can see in the snap which include two common cards the one is sandworm and the other one is spearman that i explained yesterday. Also, i got some potion charges and dark energy crystal tokens like a roundabout 100 so these are today rewards that i shared with you guys i will make a post on GFL that i recently got from an untamed pack soon i will share it with you guys.

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