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7 months ago

What is Brand Tokens ?
Brand Tokens is an all in one platform to manage all your brand token needs. Issue your own blockchain-based loyalty ERC20 token. List it on our exchange. Easily integrate tokens into your services. Reward your clients with tokens and give them perks in exchange.
BRND Token, the main token of the Brand Tokens ecosystem, is a Token as a Service. Businesses can create their own unique token on the Brand Tokens network. With their own unique token, businesses can reward their customers easily without changing their brand image.
We are helping users to get more fun, better deals, and a new way of providing valuable feedback to brands. Token data aggregation enables new ways of content exploration and distribution, making recommendations from friends more valuable and trustworthy.
Despite the dominance of the loyalty rewards system, the existing model is broken. Several customers would never redeem their points and those who would find the process unclear. This Whitepaper showcases the current system of loyalty rewards industry and presents the case as to why a blockchain-based loyalty reward system is better placed to change the industry. Brand Tokens is a loyalty reward and exchange platform driven by blockchain. We are engineering revolutionary new use cases and a new way of building loyalty between brands and users. With our help, brands can issue, manage, and utilize blockchain-based loyalty tokens to reward and provide a new, better, and flawless experience for customers. Tokens are easily exchangeable, liquid, and priced in real-time mitigating overhanging liability from incumbent loyalty solutions. Brands get a low cost, instant gratification system to keep current customers happy and attract AI profiled new ones effectively.
Why BRND Tokens ?

One of the core values driving BRND is sharing prosperity with all stakeholders who have contributed to the growth of its ecosystem. Instead of having a small company that shares benefits with only a few directors, we believe a network-type of arrangement is better.
Since we allow brands to create their own token on our platform, which is the xB token, we are offering them a unique personalized loyalty program opportunity that is easy and cost-effective to run. This way, we are transforming the loyalty management market.
We also encourage brands who are our partners to buy BRND token on special terms. Each brand who stakes 1 mln BRND for a minimum of 1 year will be rewarded with a free premium subscription for the time of maintaining the staking. This way our members will provide the funds for further development of services they will use.

Token BRND
BRND Token Specs
TOTAL SUPPLY | 1,000,000,000
BLOCKCHAIN | Ethereum – ERC20
Although individual brands can create their tokens, BRND is a token of the Brand Tokens platform. It will be utilized in our ecosystem as a means of payment for:
Promoted deals.
Games and challenges for users.
As a reward for brands and users.
Affiliate reward.

The main demand will be generated by a buyback mechanism. This means that part of the revenue will be intended to repurchase tokens from the market. Repurchased tokens will be burned, which will decrease the total supply of the BRND tokens in circulation.

Token Sale

●Brandtokens OU Company is incorporated in Estonia as a software and technology company.
● New website allowing Sign-Up for both Brands and Users with opportunity of subscribing for favourite brands tokens.

● preICO open for internal clients (limited edition to only 100 mln tokens).
●Voting system for users to decide which Brands they welcome on the platform.
● ICO – 400 mln tokens in distribution.
● First 1.000 Brands in the system.

● Mock-ups of an application
● Launch of loyalty program in tokens with BRND and xB for beta-testers and early adopters.
● Open platform for every company, massive on-boarding.
● Marketing deals, growing brand and user base.
● Launch Marketing Automation Tools for Brands.
● AI powered profiling, new quality in Marketing Automation.
● Platform development.
● ICO Round 2.
● Intense marketing of the platform.
● BRND token listed on exchange platforms.
● Buyback of BRND tokens for the first time.
● Platform development.
How does it work?
BRND Token is designed as a TaaS. The TaaS model presents an innovative model that enables businesses to capitalize on the rise of blockchain without dealing with hurdles, risks and technical barriers associated with creating and owning tokens. Our business model pools together blockchain advancements and the emergence of crypto economics to empower all our token holders and create a better reward system.
Through registering to the Brand Tokens network and acquiring BRND Token, which is the key token running the network, businesses can create their own unique token. Each business can use their unique xB to reward their customers in a more efficient way. We are offering businesses the opportunity to have their own unique token without going through all the technical challenges and costs of creating a token from scratch. Our platform has made it very easy for each business to reward their customers with the coin of their choice. This way, each business maintains their brand unlike other loyalty platforms that enforce a single general token for all businesses. The fact that each business can create their own token on our platform makes us stand out among the competition. In fact, we are pioneering in this endeavour.
When a business has created their own token, it is expected that the business encourages their customers to be a part of the network. With the unique token, each customer is easily rewarded for any business activity or task done. The customers are rewarded in token, which has a monetary value, and is stored in the customer’s wallet on the platform. With the token, the customers can purchase items or services from the particular business as well as convert to BRND, BTC, ETH and FIAT. This way, a business can confidently build a stronger relationship with their customers, and customers can easily be rewarded in a much more efficient manner.

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