Whitelist Featured Posts March 10th 2019

2 years ago


Dear Community,

These are exciting times with the overall growth of Weku and the introduction of trusted Witnesses to secure the platform for the future. Please remember to vote for your favorite trusted witnesses. This will help insure the future of Weku.

Today the Whitelist would like to support three more Whitelisted users by featuring their most recent posts.

Today we are featuring:


Below you will find the links to their posts, enjoy!

We Are Weku

Team Whitelist 🧡

Featured Posts





Whitelist Curators:

@whitelist @siamcat @saimegh @taifkhan @oracle @friendsgroup @wekunewbies

If you have time you may also want to take a moment to visit our other Whitelisted users also.

Whitelisted users:



Whitelist Process & Requirements

Please Submit:
  • Your Weku account link
  • Your Steem account link
  • Your Social Media account link (FB etc.)

We will then verify your account and check your blog.

Please Submit via Discord at https://discord.gg/mF2PHM6

Only verified users with clean backgrounds, who consistently contribute quality, original content will be whitelisted.

Note: Currently Whitelist is not adding new members. We will resume adding users as our Weku Power grows. Thank you for your patience. Let's grow together.


Our Whitelist Bot

The Whitelist community is running a curation bot with two accounts to consistently support Whitelisted users and it is now up and running! The minimum upvote is currently at 15%-20% and the maximum upvote will be at 30%-40% VP.




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