Injective Protocol

26 days ago

About Injective Protocol
Injective Protocol Is The First Fully-Decentralized Exchange Protocol That Eliminates Front-Running And Allows For Trustless Liquidity Sharing. Injective Is The Front-Running Resistant, Layer-2 Exchange Protocol That Unlocks The Full Potential Of Borderless Finance By Supporting Margin Trading, Derivatives, And Futures.

Unlike Other Decentralized Exchanges, Injective Protocol Is Truly Decentralized And Does Not Have Any Centralized Component. Take Back Control Of Your Funds And Trade Through Our Peer-To-Peer Client. You Can See Your Orders Posted And Matched On The Sidechain In Real Time.

Cryptographically Secure
Injective Protocol Leverage The Bleeding Edge Of Cryptography And Decentralized Finance To Make Your Trading Experience Secure. Injective Is The Only DEX Protocol Securing Your Trades Against Front-Running Using Verifiable Delay Functions (VDFs) And Selective Delay.

Tap Into The World Of Margin Trading On Derivatives And Tokens Via Our Basic Interface. Leverage The Full Potential Of Our Protocol On Our Pro Interface. Stay Tuned To Our Upcoming Market Listings!

Injective Protocol Is A Full-Fledged, Mature Platform.
Decentralized Lending/Margin Trading
Injective Allows Traders To Short Or Long Crypto-Assets With Leverage.

Decentralized Futures & Derivatives Markets
In Turn, This Is A New Way To Exchange Decentralized Futures And Derivative Products.

Injective Protocol Support Ethereum, TrueUSD, Injective, Dai, MKR
…With Many More To Be Announced!

Most Secure Trading Platform On The Market
Your Keys, Your Coins. From Order Discovery All The Way To Settlement, Injective Protocol Are End-To-End Decentralized. You Are Protected By The Network From Hacks, Trade Manipulations, Exit Scams, And Front-Running.


Eric Chen, CEO
Albert Chon, CTO
Ivan Paskov, Researcher
Vighnesh Iyer, Researcher
Bojan Angjelkoski, Frontend Engineer


Username:FLOID 1995

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