DATP - Low-Cost and Instant Transactions Driven By DATP Tokens

2 years ago

Hello everyone, in this post I will introduce a very good project, DATP, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:

What is DATP?

DATP is a trading platform built to conduct transactions using third parties with ERC-20 that use DATP Tokens as transaction costs. Make transactions quickly, become the latest innovation transactions and exchange safely with the intended seller or buyer without having to exchange for large withdrawal fees.

Use the DATP Token as a Transaction Fee.

DATP tokens are useful as payments for instant third party ERC-20 transactions. Allows users to make transactions safely and comfortably using a system on our platform.

The DATP platform is a project that uses the ERC20 platform with the purpose of third party transactions using ERC-20. The main technological advantages of this platform are the crosschain protocol and Ethereum. The crosschain protocol uses smart contracts that are applied to Ethereum and DATP tokens. Both of these blockchains provide two-tier accounting and an asset transfer system. Instant and low-cost transactions are driven by DATP tokens.


While the Third Intermediary System has clear advantages over exchanges in security & fund control, ease of transfer, list of direct tokens, and lower costs, DATP's priority is actually to overcome existing payment methods using ERC-20 / DATP Tokens as third party payments.


Order mistakes, wrong trades and mis-clicks are the hallmarks of the third intermediary at this time. While the real third Intermediaries inherently have performance characteristics that are different from centralized exchanges, we believe this problem can be overcome with the third well-designed DATP intermediary system. DATP will allow charging part of the offer, automatic repetition of failed orders, and taking orders in one transaction.


As the security of a DATP is as good as the security of smart contracts, to maximize the security of smart contracts. We do KYC on our platform before making a transaction.


With the latest innovations in third party exchanges. We hope to overcome the problem of low liquidity / volume exchange by using ERC-20 / DATP Tokens through strong credibility, market presence and a sophisticated platform for ease of use, DATP user experience is preferred even for popular centralized exchanges.


The main objective of this project is to develop DATP Tokens as a third party payment tool instantly, reduce the risks associated with cryptocurrency, increase the security and profitability of digital asset investments and create incentives for project investors.

To fulfil this goal we set these objectives:

●Develop decentralized asset storage and transfer mechanisms built on Ethereum, Decentralized Asset Trading Platform, smart contracts, crosschain oracles and service oracles;
● Increasing security Transactions between users using third party transaction intermediaries
●Develop DATP Tokens with built-in multi-currency wallets and P2P acquisition, transfer and currency exchange tools;
● Develop open API and release SDK for 3d party developers.
● Using DATP Token as a third party payment on the Ethereum Network.


To invite more potential investors, we develop a management platform as an intermediary for third party transactions. Use our own Tokens as transaction fees, for third-party exchanges to become DATP Tokens, direct purchases and crypto currency exchanges, portfolio managers, and more. The platform accompanied by Third Intermediate System will offer a user experience of feature works that will help generate profit fluctuations in the exchange rates of various currencies simultaneously.


All accounts in our Platform that can make transactions are only accounts that have been verified with KYC with applicable standards. This is a step to improve security between users to be able to transact comfortably.


To minimize the occurrence of SCAM in transactions, the first step is that we have held the user data from KYC they did when verifying the account, the data can be used as an investigation material with the user concerned.

The portfolio manager will assist users in maintaining highly profitable crypto-portfolio, provide information on current market state, advice on the optimal composition and automatically optimize portfolio accordingly.


Cooperate with the Company or Exchange. Perform event token holders, trade events. Buy back after the ICO takes place and enters the market.
In addition to large-scale paid marketing encouragement, a useful ICO program has been implemented, we give a bonus of 10 - 50% of the purchase cost when the ICO takes place.
Community and worldwide support is very important for industrial growth, and as such, sponsorship is in the process of major upcoming events not only to help spread the word about exchanges, but to help fund the event itself to ensure the community cryptocurrency grows as much as possible.
DATP tokens generated from ICO will be traded on any exchange that is willing to list them, and of course on our own platform. Every DATP Token holder is involved with successful exchanges, which will create a natural viral eect because more people buy, sell or hold.

Q2 / 2018 - Planning and the establishment of the DATP project team.
Q3 / 2018 - Expansion and development of DATP projects and starting ICO, Airdrop and Selfdrop.
Q4 / 2018 - ICO, Airdrop and Selfdrop are over.
Q2 / 2019 - The launch of the DATP beta testing phase.
Q3 / 2019 - The launch of the DATP final phase.
You can join or participate in the DATP sales crowd through the following links:

WEBSITE: https://datp.market/
WHITEPAPER: https://datp.market/whitepaper.pdf
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DATP.OFFICIAL?_rdc=1&_rdr
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DATP_OFFICIAL
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/DATP_Official

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