Blue Lightening: A Portal To 1880 (Gratefulvibes Writing Contest - Week 4)

last year

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It all started with a thunderstorm. An intense thunderstorm. I was in bed awakened by all the noise and flashing light. "I better go get my flashlight", I muttered to myself. I was walking across the room when suddenly, I felt all my hair stand on end. My ears popped. There was a flash of bright blue light and there I was. Standing in a field. In the rain. Hurting all over.

1880 rain 1 cropped.jpg

That was three months ago. I have been living with an older couple who live near my, well, landing spot I'll call it. I must have been quite a sight when I knocked on their door. Barefoot in my nightgown dripping wet.

Rain 2 cropped.jpg

They're a childless couple in their 60's with a nice homestead. Winter was coming soon and they could use some help so they let me stay with them. They have been very kind and ask very few questions of a gal who must have hit her head since she can't remember much. My kind of people as I have very few answers. At least any I can share with them. I have seen enough Dr. Who episodes to know not to tamper with the time line.

You heard me. The year is 1880 and I have spent three months so far quietly freaking out. I don't see how I can ever get back. The good news is I seem more with it to The Bartletts who assumed my confusion and lack of common knowledge was due to whatever traumatic event I suffered. I appear recovered and normal to them now except for my memory. Good thing I'm observant. Everything here is a chore and I mean everything. No water pumps for the well. No more turning on the stove or oven. Need to light a fire in the wood stove. We constantly need wood. No more just turning on the lights. Oil lamps must be lit and they need oil. We save the oil from cooking and use that. We are far from a town and there will be no driving to the store. It's a horse and buggy special trip. We just make do until Mr. Bartlett decides to go to town.

1880.04F cropped.jpg
(Mrs. Bartlett kindly gave me my own candlestick.)

I miss driving. It takes so long to get somewhere. There's parts of the country I have been that people here will never see. Travel is long and dangerous so people just stay put if they can help it.

The thing I miss the most is electricity. Electricity is the foundation of the technology I knew. Electricity is what allows medical tests and diagnosis, lighting, water pumps, sewing machines, and so on. I could literally go on and on about how time consuming and difficult it is to do everything by hand. I have lost weight which I guess is good and have defined muscles again. I'm liking that!

Indoor plumbing is a convenience I miss for a very important reason. Hygiene. Refrigeration is another. Again, hygiene. Food safety is a big issue now. No refrigeration also means no grocery stores filled with packaged food ready to eat or cook. No processing plants. No bags of potato chips. Nope. Shopping is very different here. We buy fabric, not a dress. Everything here is do it yourself.

1180 hairstyle cropped.jpg

( I learned a new way to do my hair!)

What I really feel lost without is access to information and communication. I can't imagine explaining email to them. Having information at my fingertips was gold. This is something I have always been grateful for and will be again if I ever get back. Too many people won't realize how valuable that is until it's gone. Computers, tablets, cell phones, all of it. Communication and information. I live in a vacuum now. I find my self suffering from anxiety. I hate not knowing what's going on. What threats are headed our way? The Bartletts don't worry about such things. They trust in the Lord and their lifestyle is that of a prepper anyway so I guess that makes sense.

We have become a little family and I enjoy living with these gentle folks. They're the most honorable and compassionate people I have ever met. We read the bible together daily and work hard as a team.

Winter will be here soon and we have together gathered and chopped all the wood we will need though we will still work on it just to be sure. We harvested together. Ate the fruits of our labor together. It's been a very satisfying way of life I must admit. No government intrusion either. In fact, I keep forgetting we have a government! We are on our own out here.

I will stay through winter while I contemplate what to do next. Perhaps I was sent here for my own good and will disappear as miraculously as I arrived come spring. Maybe I was spared The Great Tribulation by being sent back in time. We all knew it was coming very soon. It all just makes my head spin but I have all winter to entertain these ideas. As far as trying to get back via my own devices, I'm thinking if I make a kite and hang a piece of metal on it. I might attract lightening. I don't want to get a direct strike but maybe I can recreate the electro-magnetic condition that sent me here. I'll let you know what happens.

Note: All pictures are my own.

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I am putting up a lightning rod, we'll join you shortly, LOL!

Save us moving to the country, and all that work....



LOL, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, if we could only go back in time to escape the coming satanic cultural revolution.


Ideal solution! If I could take my Family, I could watch my grandson grow up. THAT would be nice!


Good one!

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Thanks. It was lots of fun. I got to play dress up!

Delightful fiction, true to the time setting.
This is what we had in mind. Love it!!


Thanks. I'm glad people are enjoying it as much I had making it. Creating the pictures was a ton of fun. I wanted it to look like a story book. This contest is great for me to work on these types of skills. Big change from making videos. I am really enjoying it.

Oh for heavens sake , chil' (said in my best 19th century maiden's voice)... what is this electricity you speak of????
Computers, tablets, cell phones??? What on earth!


I am thrilled people like it. This one was so much fun. I love to play act and this story was perfect for things I already have around. Thanks for reading and voting on it. So much fun. Great contest idea.

This would make a nice epic Drama/thriller series, the year setup got me reading till the end. I have always wonder if i could catch a glimpse of what life was back in the 1880s.


I'm glad you like it. It was fun to do. I like playing dress up and playing with the camera. I do some comedy every once in a while too.

Great story @squirrelbait. Maybe you can turn this into a series.


You are the second person to suggest that. I can make episodes. Need my own place to do that right. We had another place in the country come on the market. We are waiting on more info and a time to go see it. In an apartment I can't create the kind of photos I would want. But yeah, there's stuff to address. Women back then couldn't do round house kicks or a spinning back fists. I would be unable to truly fit in without making a mistake revealing I am out of place. I wonder how The Bartletts would handle these things if they caught me doing modern female things. As an example. I'm not exactly timid, shy, and obedient to male authority. Any authority really. Would be interesting to explore different scenarios. Thanks and Ii'm glad you like it.

This is something I've thought a lot about and as long as I had access to books, I wouldn't miss a thing. I once lived under a bridge and we lit with candles... there was a used book store nearby and I was happy as a clam (except my back hurt because this was not long after I broke it)


Hey thanks for reading my little story. I hear ya. But I've become a bit addicted to online info at my fingertips. I'm an info junkie at this point. LOL! An info hoarder. LMAO! Thanks again for reading my story. I appreciate it.