Update referral and Welcome bonus

last year


Dear Friends and Followers,

We would like to say thank you for inviting your friends and your family to WEKU. The previous referral bonus was at 50 WEKU and the welcome bonus was at 100 WEKU. To make the referral program more attractive, we would like to increase the bonus as following:

  1. For every user that joins WeKu via your invitation and creates an introduction post submitting the link on #introduction-post- at the Promoter Discord, the inviter will get 100 WeKu and the newcomer will get 200 WEKU Bonus.

  2. For every user that joins WeKu via your invitation at the real life meet up and creates an introduction post ( mentioned the inviter), the inviter will get 300 WEKU referral bonus and the newcomer will get 500 WEKU welcome bonus.

You can comment this post with the introduction post link from your invitee or drop the post at #myreferal at the Promoter Discord:


Thank you for supporting WEKU!


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You, amazingly, I've just seen this post very useful for every participant! I like this picture then I made it for you,
today I can only give you, support for you, thank you for sharing your time with us here hopefully, your day is full of beauty


Thank you my friend 🧡

A very good idea and can also be said as one way to want to work and try to find new friends.

Greetings success for all.

Greetings to you @siamcat, I am very impressed with your idea to always advance Weku, just as we are here who always hope that Weku will get the full attention of the world community. And we will always hope that friends will join Weku. And we are very sure that one day Weku will become famous according to the expectations of the members. May Weku always go forward. And that is our hope.

good morning, good luck to all of us, I'm very happy if you have the chance to stop by our house and friends who are still relatively below average, thanks for the info 2 and the very high-quality challenges and are very well liked by this weku user.

I have to issue Salesmen knowledge again to tempt at least someone, some of my recruits failed to be active here. I'm failed be motifator..😁😁

With the intense promotion I'm sure more and more people will be interested in writing on weku, and I will continue to promote this beloved platform in the closest circles

I hope that on this occasion, every WEKU user can invite more friends, relatives and family. thank you dear @siamcat I hope I can participate again

Salam hormat saya kepada @siamcat semoga apa yang telah tercipta dalam weku, semoga penguna weku semakin yakin dalam berkarya , dan selalu mendukung, untuk mengajak sahabat dalam aplikasi weku.

Beautiful 😊

ok thank you information.

very good at inspiring all members of the world around me @siamcat

Thank you so much for giving us such a platform @siamcat

I'm new to weku, how do I get 500 weku dollars? @siamcat