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Inflation Control Reward System

Designed with gamification in mind, aiming to involve all users in helping the economy and the stability of the coin, @seven3 in reality is a proof of effort algorithm.


Its goal is to solve a set of cryptographic sequences and train A.I neural networks into finding new paths to solve their goals in a more efficient way. It uses a huge historic database randomly selecting registers in order to analyze all possible outcomes. The randomizer takes indexes and checks the records from a random selected grid.

It puts load in the blockchain, and increases the transactions per block, which is healthy for young blockchains.

Each time the algorithm is invoked a block is written with the resulting pair index / grid combination in the ledger in order to create an indexed solutions register for the neural networks.
Then the Inflation Control Reward (ICR) fund is computed and updated.

Each time a user invokes the the algorithm if no matching is achieved the amount sent by the invoker is split as follows:

  • 90% is added to the ICR fund and 10% is dedicated to the infrastructure fund.

Each time a partial solution is matched (62% of the time) an ICR is produced and it is distributed as follows:

  • 20% is destroyed to reduce the number of available coins
  • 20% is retained as a tax to increase the ICR fund in case of depletion underflow
  • 60% is paid to the user who invoked the algorithm to reward his/her time and investment, as an incentive.

Each time there is a full match (4% of the time) a depletion underflow is forced and the whole ICR fund is distributed resulting in a bigger impact in the inflation control system.

The seven3 algorithm ICR pool must be seeded initially in the form of donations of the coin inflation needs to be controlled (The goal of controlling inflation is to increase the price and enhance stability).

  • You can donate either by invoking the algorithm, with a transfer to the @sever3 account, or by donating making a transfer with the memo: INCREASE-INFLATION-POOL

  • You can invoke the algorithm as often as you want, and donate as much as you want with each operation to have better impact on the inflation.


The higher the amount sent, the greater the impact on coin inflation during deflationary distribution and the bigger the reward you will receive.

Users should understand that this is NOT a betting system.

And bets will NOT be tolerated, anyone caught trying to work the system will be blacklisted if found trying to make bets leveraging for profits.

This is a fair distribution system with the objective of mutualize the effort of destroying excess coins to control inflation, and train A.I for developing neural networks. As such it is made in a way that it rewards the efforts each time it solves a block, the probability of solving a match is fairly high and therefore is not to be used as a betting system.

You can play with the system within reasonable limits and can make a profit with the ICR match rewards, but it is not a slot machine, to avoid this we implemented limitations in grid size and multipliers.

Please report abuses to the ICR seeding account ( @luckystar )

The ICR is a private initiative, the initial ICR Fund is 200000 WEKU, which is a loan, plus the infrastructure costs, the burning will start once the initial seed loan is paid.

How to use it:

  • Send any amount higher than 5 WEKU or WKD to @seven3
    The bigger the amount the higher the reward.

  • Once your transaction gets processed you will be notified of the result and if you generated any rewards they will be transferred back to you.

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Thanks to your information

How many times can I send weku to this account?


The more times you send the more you help.

Good initiative!! I will participate.

This seems fun! I shall check it out.