Light up Weku with your sunshine/ This is for you.

last year

The sun never stops shining.


The sun is always there fulfilling its mission immutably. At night, in winter, on gray days.

Another very different thing is that our senses do not perceive their brightness in certain occasions and situations. Sometimes it is a matter of existential blindness.

The earth is not flat and life is not flat either.


The earth is not flat, the earth is round and turns around the sun so that the brightness reaches everyone at some time to preserve the lives of its inhabitants. The earth knows something about balance too.

Life is not flat, life has ups and downs, life also has seasons, good and not so good. This design makes sense and rationale. It allows us to adapt, evolve and move in some direction.

It's not the environment, it's me

Look at these wild flowers, their roots are anchored in the earth, that does not prevent them from turning towards where they perceive some faint brightness, they store energy and use it on gray and dark days to survive and grow.



I think that humans need to learn from Mother Nature, shine like the sun, adapt and evolve like plants, store good energy and move like planet Earth, in search of brightness and maintain balance.


Dear Weku citizen: Light up WeKu with your Sunshine. The sun never stops shining.

Photos of my sunshine for weku. Sunset under the Colombian sky. How lucky I am of one more day on this beautiful earth.

Photography and text by @samic.
Lumia Camera.

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Hermosas palabras querida Samic! Sos de esas personas que al igual que el sol tiene brillo propio y nadie podrá apagarlo!



Gracias por tus hermosas palabras, tu eres una de esas personas que mantienen mi fe en los humanos. Tu eres un sol también Pablo.

Wonderful pictures and meaningful message. The positive encouragement reaches me in your words.

Yes, you are right...there are many things that we can learn from mother nature. No matter what season passes, no matter in which situation, the circle of nature goes on and try it best to balance the world.

Love your writing 🧡

Thank you for your positivity


thank you siamcat 🧡

@samic Hello dear friend. People must learn many things from nature, love her, respect her and take care of her, especially since she does not belong to us, she is from the coming generations.
Beautiful work, beautiful images as you have accustomed us
I wish you a wonderful night


thank you jlufer

the results are very beautiful 👍


thank you!