New chapter

last year

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I am very busy with my life after moving to Canada. You maybe think I am gone but not really, I am still here but less active. At the moment I am taking a break from official Busters duty but still around.

We all have real life to live and yes, real life comes first. My connection to Weku is same, I am here from the very beginning and will still be here for a while :-)

There is the up and down time for everything and I guess we all just want to make the best out of it. Seeing some same faces people trying to spread poison to create negativity makes me wonder.

Why put so much energy on hate? Do people really expect to be success from negativity?
I think some people need to get a real life and make it better there, as we know they are always know better then the others.
Meanwhile, I have a real life to live and build the real future there.

Will be around ;-)

PS. If you are not the trolls, better check out this post

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@saimegh Hello dear friend. Happy to read your message. Congratulations on your move and I wish you many success in this new place.
You are very right, life is very special, it is one and you have to live it in the best way.
I wish you a wonderful weekend


thank you Jlufer

I'm happy the move went well and I hope you like Canada, parts of ot are really nice.


Still have much to explore , the beginning is not easy, thanks :-)


I haven't been there for several years, but the people were always very nice and the country is beautiful. I know there will be some culture shock, but I think you;ll like it.

good luck @saimegh <3


Thanks :-)

This is a very happy moment. Good Luck



I like your honesty,

and will still be here for a while.

it shows your intention to get out of wescam, sorry i mean weku 😂


LOL, I don't have a job for you, you can't blackmail me :-)