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last year

In order to get Wekucoin listed on other exchanges (hopefully one that's actually possible to use unlike Bitshares) we all need to be active. The more exchanges we get listed on, the more the value of Weku will go up. We need to not only be active on the WeKu platform but elsewhere as well. We have a membership pending on an exchange that considers how much traffic we have on Telegram, so I'm asking everyone to join up with WeKu Admin on Telegram- here's a link...

Once there you can search for WeKu... But is isn't enough to just sign up, you need to visit once or twice a day and say something- it doesn't have to be much, we just need to generate a little traffic. Remember, the more exchanges we get listed on, the more the price will go up and the more your Wekucoin will be worth. We're all in this together and it's time we all helped out.

Thank you... you never know, you just might get some good upvotes!

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Hi dear New Gif for you, I hope you like

Thanks , I joined with link telegram.

Thanks a lot of Richq, I joined with link telegram.

Very reasonable. Movement is life :)

I signed up with Telegram. But when I keyed in weku, it said no messages found. So, I guess I am missing something.


Check the post again, I had to change the link. If it still doesn't work let me know... thanks Vince!


Thank you Rich.


Ok - got it. :-)

Rich my dear it will not open for me say they do not find the sight, I must be doing something wrong as usual. I so agree we must try.


My dear old friend... I'm convinced that these technological gadgets are designed for another generation. My granddaughter who's 8 now has been helping me with my smart phone for 3 years now.

In about the middle of the post is a hyperlink (in blue). If you click on it a page should come up that says Join Group. Click there and a box should drop down that says Open. Click there and it should take you to telegram. I'll also try to send you an invite.


I just joined myself - first, before you follow the invite link, you have to download the app and install it on your computer (or phone). So this would be your first move:
After installing it, you get a window to fill in your profile, and a confirmation number is sent to your phone.
Next, you follow the invitation link from this post and join the WeKU group.

Good job.

Terlihat bagus, penampakan weku di bulan

I just joined. Lets see how it works out.

love the image.

It took me 2 days to figure out that it screwed up my computer - I could not open many websites, some did not load properly etc.
I tried all 5 of my browsers, and for the most part, it affected all of them.
I was just about ready to uninstall Windows and re-install it, when I realized that the problems started shortly after I installed this Telegram app.
As soon as I de-installed it, everything was working again!


I've had Telegram for months and it hasn't affected anything