WeKu Challenge Photography: MONSTER TRUCK

last year

This is my entry to the awesome photography contest by @amryksr.

You can read the rules and join the fun at this link:
Thank you @amryksr for the amazing opportunity to share my photos!

Contest photo #1 - Monster Truck

I have a story about this Monster Truck.
Last week my wife and I were driving around looking at houses, as we are searching for the right house for us to purchase. While driving around we noticed this amazing Monster Truck parked at a house, the bright green color makes it stand out and it is very tall.

Contest photo #2 - Monster Truck

So yesterday I was at the market picking up a few things, and I saw the same fabulous Monster Truck in the parking lot. And guess what, the owners were right behind me in the checkout line. I had the chance to talk to them and find out a few things about the Monster Truck. One thing I found out was the 4 rims and 4 tires cost almost $15,000!! Imagine the value of this Monster Truck!!

@paradise-found with the Monster Truck

I also took a quick video as the beautiful Monster Truck drove away. When the driver beeped the horn it sounded like a train, and it made me jump, watch the video below.

Monster Truck video

Thanks for visiting, have an awesome day!!

GV Family Rocks!! 😎

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I saw monster truck with @papapepper on his page....

But these are nice pictures too, LOL!

Fifteen grand for tires and rims? Someone has way too much spare cash...WOW!



That’s the first thought that came to my mind too!


He is a cute @MonsterTruck too, LOL! I enjoy their videos....

This is an amazing vehicle! Almost to nice to be a truck.


beautiful and perfect car

Would like to have a car like that:) First - it's super green. I could hide in grass, I could tell my car is vegetarian lol:) Second - I could ride anywhere not taking into account quality of roads in my country:)

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