last year

Yesterday I awoke and discovered this peeping Titmouse at the window. I quickly retrieved my camera and held very still ready to snap a shot. I watched as this cute little bird flew in and was peering at me as I took this wonderful photo.

Tufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse info

The tufted titmouse is a small songbird from North America, part of the tit and chickadee family. They eat berries, nuts, insects, small fruit, and seeds, and are a typical visitor to bird feeders. Its usual pattern is to scout a feeder from cover, fly in to take a seed, then fly back to cover to eat it. The Titmouse can be curious about humans and will sometimes perch on a window ledge and appear to be looking into the house.

Photographs by @paradise-found
Info Source

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Son maravillosos esos momentos en que podemos capturar para la posteridad las cosas increíbles de las que somos testigos,
Gracias por compartirlo

Those moments are wonderful when we can capture for posterity the incredible things that we witness,
Thanks for sharing

Amazing...cute little bird
You are lucky to be able to take pictures quickly


Thank you my friend!! And you are exactly right, it was very fortunate.
Immediately after I snapped the pic, the bird flew off very quickly.

A lovely surprise, i hope you are doing well. Have not seen you a while, sorry i am too busy 💕


Thank you!! It was a lucky photo, they fly away very quickly.
I'm doing great, the weather is changing to autumn here.
I hope your house is coming along well.
Bear Hugs 💖

Awesome capture. Cutie.