last year

Photograph by @paradise-found

As a child growing up in Central Wisconsin my family would pass this view on each drive to my Grandparents farm. At that time there was an old steel bridge crossing Mill Creek at this very spot. There were usually many fishermen lined up on the bridge, and as we passed by my father would always ask if the fish were biting. The old bridge has long been removed, and was not replaced. However the splendor of memories and visual beauty will always bring me back for the chance to catch one more fish. @paradise-found

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Very beautiful scenery @paradise-found


Thank you my good friend @fahmi1234.

I think fishing there is very interesting brother..


Thank you my good friend @chairoeltks.
Yes, it has many memories for me.

A beautiful memory and photo. Yeah, I remember fishing with my uncle as a kid. Blessings. @paradise-found


My Dad passed last week.
Yes, the memories we will cherish.
Thanks my friend.

great photography dear friend,beautiful scenery @paradise-found

Beautiful! I will always have a large soft spot for Wisconsin and the upper midwest in general after spending three years in Madison (mid-90s). If my hubby wasn't so squeamish about snow, I'd push for moving to the UP...