last year

One of the wonderful things about our place here in Missouri is the variety of birds to be seen. Each morning we are delighted by the gathering of birds outside our kitchen window.
On one snowy morning recently a bright red Cardinal had his morning breakfast at our feeder. I was able to get a good photo for all my blogging friends to admire.

Cardinal at the feeder

Thanks for visiting, have an awesome day!!

GV Family Rocks!! 😎

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That is a very pretty bird and a well taken photo. You are blessed to have this winged friend @paradise-found

I just saw my wallet and my Jaw dropped! Hey thanks. It's not about it being or not being money, it's the sentiment. Hugs back to you dude!! I see you are pulling out. I am staying as it is a place where I have a voice. Same reason I went back to using steemit again. Stay safe and drop in once in while to say hi. Stay safe and much love to you and your family.