Update About Curation Projec @madeinweku

last year

Dear Community

Thanks to all those who provide their good content, first on weku.

We remember that tag #madeinweku is to classify content posted first on weku without crossing with other networks. In other words, do not post simultaneously with other networks.

The curation of this project had as one of its main rules, that the content posted first on weku should not be reposted in other networks for at least the next 24 hours.


Madeinweku project has reduced waiting time for repost in other networks: From 8 hours onwards, those who post first on Weku will be able to repost their content on other networks and will continue to be eligible for this project.

With this change we want to stimulate good content creators who are active in weku, so that they post first weku. Madeinweku project consider that 8 hours of waiting to repost your content, is prudent and acceptable time that maintains the purpose of promoting weku as his first posting platform.

So, these are our pillars of curation:

  • Original content
  • Posted first in weku- Wait at least 8 hours to reuse your content on other networks.
  • Appropriate use of tags
  • Post made with zero laziness, no spam, no plagiarism, no copy paste.

Unfortunately we found many posts with text that is copied from the web and are not eligible for this project. We encourage you to write in your own words. Regarding the images, if is yours, mention it and indicate which device, camera or phone you use. If it is from the web, mention it and put the link of the site.

Happy posting!


Additional note: when you share the link of your post weku for the purpose of promoting on other social networks such as facebook instragram etc. this is not repost, since you are only sharing the link of your post weku. This is good for weku and appreciated that you do this.

More tips here

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Thank you for this important information @madeinweku

ReWekued to help spread the message.


Thank you dear @paradise-found
I appreciate this.

thank you for the information

very meaningful, thank you for the information @madeinweku

This information is very useful for Weku users.

He visto a pocas personas trabajar como vos lo haces!

Comparto la actualización del proyecto @madeinweku!

Thank you for the information @madeinweku, this is very useful for the future development of weku

Gracias @madeinweku por la información.