Black Coffee

4 months ago


Good afternoon to all my dear friends wherever friends are, how are you on this very sunny afternoon? Gathering while enjoying a cup of coffee has become a habit that is very difficult to stop most people in Aceh.

With so many coffee shops and different tastes, the people of Aceh make this place not just a place for coffee but often used as a place to gather and discuss various problems that occur in society, from simple daily problems to political issues.

Black coffee, sanger coffee to espresso coffee are the favorite drinks of the Acehnese people in general, so it is not surprising that these various types of drinks are in demand. One of the drinks that is never lost to the times is of course black coffee which is one of my favorite drinks.

Black coffee, which contains vitamin B2, vitamin B5, manganese, potassium, and magnesium, it turns out that besides being able to withstand drowsiness, there are also many benefits to our health, including improving brain function, burning body fat, increasing stamina, and also reducing risk. stroke.

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Thank you for this information on black coffee as I am sitting here with my morning black coffee. I was not aware of these benefits. Have a great day.