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last year

School days are not always happy times but they are memorable. I want to share some happy moments with you for which I am grateful. These moments changed my life forever. Yet, to do this, I need to set the stage to introduce them.

Setting The Stage - The Early Years

My childhood was not necessarily a happy one. I doubt if many folks out there have had all kittens and rainbows. I was an introvert in school and overprotected as a child. I grew up overweight and having an incorrectable eye condition. In addition my parents had divorced when I was age 4. I did not know my father growing up, But this was my life. The first 6 years of schooling brought some adjustments. Phonics did not come easily for me. In fact I got two weeks behind in it. My classmates knew I was an easy target to get picked on and bullied because of my weight and visual problems. When I entered junior high, things got better. I began to succeed in my studies and I had lost weight. In fact I was skinny. I told a former teacher once, I got that way from eating skinny food, but I digress.

The early years can be full of growing pains

The Scene Changes

In 7th grade I sang a solo for the Christmas concert. You may know the old song, ' Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire.' Well, this skinny kid got up on stage and sang it. And not only did the audience clap, but I received a standing ovation from the crowd. Wow! I finally was liked and accepted. I found the respect of my peers through my music. From that moment on, I dedicated my life to music as a career. Years later I would write about it in a song I wrote.

Out on a stage he heard her voice , she whispered low.

In 8th grade I again sang a solo. The song was 'If I Were A Rich Man,' From Fiddler On the Roof. Again I received a standing ovation from my peers. My accompanist decided to parade me as music for others schools in the area to hear. I enjoyed the attention and new found respect. Kids did not pick on me any more and I could be me.

In high school I went out for state contest and received rating 1. I also participated in variety and theater shows. The picture is from my doing the song. 'That's Life' in a sparkly costume.

1979 Variety Show P1.5.jpg

That's Life solo for High School Variety Show

One Must Hear The Voice... And Believe

I dedicated my life to music at this early age. I would have made more money as a teacher or an accountant. But I think of my dad's words. He was both an accountant and guitarist. He eventually settled on guitar. He said he would rather be a successful guitarist than a mediocre accountant.

He offered her his hands, his heart
Though life may fail, the'y never part
He wrote her songs, he wrote her poetry
Inspired by her charms, she set his spirit free!

Dad was right. I am grateful for his insight. You must do what you love as that is invaluable. Hearing the call...the voice... and listening is important. Life is short and this is not a dress rehearsal. God has blessed me with the gift of music to share with others. For that I am eternally grateful to Him. It is His voice that sings and His Hands that play. I am only the vessel.

Today I play for weddings, retirement homes, church, corporate events, singing telegrams and costume as Santa and the Easter Bunny. It is entertainment and not just a piano player. I leave you with these words from verse two and chorus of the song I wrote years ago, entitled, ' Sing A Good Song,;

Out on a stage and long ago
He heard her voice. She whispered low.
He offered her his hands, his heart
Though life may fail, they'd never part;
The road got tough, at least it seemed that way
And when there was no hope, I could hear him say...

Sing a good song, let it flow right through your heart
Play the best that you can play
And if Miss Fortune comes, shed her no tear
Just keep on dreaming. Keep on singing
And your song will be the dream that they will hear.

images (9).png

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Thanks for sharing your story


Thank you so much my friends for your kind support. @gratefulvibes. I love the subjects you choose blessings

Wow, What a story. There is so much I like about this writing contest. Practicing our writing skills, fun, and getting to know one another better. This was a "get to know me better" entry for sure. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. We are all blessed with gifts. It's up to us to embrace them.


Thank you my kind friend yes I enjoyed this getting-to-know-you aspect as well. It is a lot of fun. Blessings @squirrelbait

Congrats!!!!! I thought maybe you would win this one. Great job!


Thank you my kind friend for your support and believing in me God bless @squirrelbait. Heading back to Davenport tomorrow