Today burn 200 WEKU

last year
in burn

Today we received 200 weku and we burned them.

Payout from this post will be burned.

If you vote this post you get to keep your 25% curation rewards (Unless you want to send it to burn too, and the WKD will be burnt.

The Weku power payout will be powered down and burnt too.

Any amount sent to our wallet will be burnt

Today we received 200 WEKU and they are destroyed now.

Help save weku from itself

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Burn my upvote on your comment please.


You mean to send the payout of the upvote pn the comment to burn?


Vamos a colaborar

We can all help the Weku price by burning some of our upvotes and reducing the Weku in circulation!!

Así es todos debemos tratar de salvar a weku.