Treat Yourself

5 months ago

Hi Friends,

I sometimes like to be bad and drink an unhealthy drink. My treat yourself, not so healthy, beverages are Coke and Monster Energy drinks:


I do like the smaller cans of Coke as some is good, but too much makes me a bit jittery. I get plenty of caffeine from coffee as I drink a lot of it, but sometimes a cold Coke is just the thing that sounds good.

What is your “treat yourself” drink?

Thanks for coming by,

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Kentucky Sour Mash is my beverage of choice on TGIF. One before dinner.


Nice, I do enjoy those on occasion myself!

I'm not as much of a soda drinker but prefer Coke when doing soda. In wintertime a good treat yourself drink is eggnog for me.


Ooo, I do love eggnog as well!!