5 months ago

Hi Friends,

I have been known to watch some Shark Week on the Discovery channel from time to time, so perhaps that is where my son picked up his love for sharks. Here are a few that were laying around today:


That last one was made out of a toilet paper roll, lol.

My son has always loved the aquarium - maybe that is where his love for sharks started or at least grew. Sharks are pretty cool, and I am always amazed when I watch the documentaries during Shark Week.

Of course, I like sharks, but still get a bit nervous when swimming in the ocean for some reason - my fear is probably unfounded but its always in the back of my mind.

Do you like sharks?

Thanks for stopping by,

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Sharks in pictures and on TV is all I know about sharks. The shows on TV about them are very interesting and they are needed to keep the oceans healthy. So when you go swimming just make sure no sharks are near and enjoy your swim. Have a nice day.


Thanks, you have a good day as well!

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