4 months ago

HI Friends,

I was driving in San Diego county recently and was a bit inland near some rolling hills, mountains and lakes. The countryside is beautiful and San Diego’s climate is hard to beat, as it has tropical vibes, yet enough sun to feel like California.

One thing that struck me was the prevalence of Indian Reservations that are in that area. Do Much of the land had been set aside for these reservations, though they are not closed to the general public. I pulled off the road and snapped this picture on one of the reservations:


There are some famous Indian Reservations around here as they are allowed to have Casinos on the reservations, while the rest of the state is closed to casinos so the different tribes have monopolies, so to speak, on the industry. But there are many that do not have casinos, so they are less known, but driving through San Diego county helped me see some more of them.

Thank you for coming by and seeing a piece of my California.


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Great looking country. It must be fun to drive through. I love doing here in south Texas. We are north west of San Antonio more in the desert then in humid east Texas . It is great place to drive and see the open country. Have a great and safe day.


Yes, I love seeing the wide open country as well!

What a lovely place and I really like this place.
I think you live in California? In my opinion, America is a very good country and The American country people are great 😊


Yes, in California and the country does have its strong points... what country are you in?


I am from Pakistan 😊


Very cool, best to you!

beautiful photo and beautiful place, thank you for sharing, good luck


Thank you for the kind words.., take care!