House Special

5 months ago

Hi Friends,

Last week I posted about bringing my espresso maker back to life after a couple years off. I have been enjoying the espresso and have been drinking a 100% Kona bean at the moment. However, I have also been trying some lattes and cappuccinos, including this Kona Nutella Latte:


My wife asks for this drink often so it has become the "house special". It is nutty, strong, and not too sweet compared to a starbucks type drink, which is what we prefer - the espresso really shines.

Wish I could share this with you all!


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This will give extra energy to do more work.


Yes, most certainly!

The house special looks great. Over the years my wife and I have come to like black coffee and as with must of our drinks today no sugar. We like to types of coffee either Sumatra Mandheling or Columbian Supremo. Enjoy your coffee and have a great day.


Those sound great too... I prefer my coffee black as well 👍🏻