4 months ago

Hi Friends,

The weekend has arrived and, if your week was anything like mine, some downtime and relaxation are necessary. Once the kids go to sleep, one thing I enjoy is with an adult beverage or two. Here is this weekend’s drink:


A Jack and Coke is a classic cocktail and tastes great... hard to go wrong really. I am not the biggest fan of Jack Daniels by itself as has a unique flavor that isn’t as smooth to me as other whiskeys, but it does make the best Whiskey Coke, in my opinion. I usually go one part Jack, two parts Coke when making mine.

What is your favorite cocktail? Do you have a good receipt to share?


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My drink is Ezra Brooks. One before dinner and that is it.


Nice, sounds enjoyable.

We love to drink Coke and People in Pakistan love to drink Coke 😍


Yes, it is a great drink!

you are right this is a very delicious drink,thank you for sharing


Thanks for coming by 😎

A good set for recreation,thank you very much for sharing