Best Caption Contest

4 months ago

Hi Friends,

How about a little contest today?

I will post a picture and you get to comment with a good "caption" to the image. My favorite will get 500 Weku Dollars, so good luck.

Here is the picture:


As an example, my capiton would be: Let's Have Broccoli for Desert! or something like: Nice Quarantine Haircut

You get the drift... thanks for participating!


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School starts tomorrow.


🤣🤣 this is my favorite! You win!


Thank You

I think seeing your new Toy 😊


Hehe, that’s funny!



Hehe, that’s a good one!

"Ehhh, whats up Doc?"


Hehe, good one! 😂


Thanks! It was the first thing that popped in my head

wow,I'm shocked by the gift


Hehe, I like that one!