Kayak Fishing

5 months ago

Hi friends,

I took a day off work today and decided to go kayak fishing!

I fished for about 5 hours, starting at 6:45am, and had a good day on the water. I ended up catching 17 fish, mostly Spotted Bay Bass and Yellowfin Croaker, but also caught a couple Calico Bass and one small halibut.

Here are some pics:






I got a lot of footage on my action cam, so I plan to creat new fishing video created sometime soon - I will share once its ready!

Thanks for coming by!


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Looks like you have some good looking food for the table. Will be interesting to see the fishing video.


Yes, hopefully the video will make it even better!

yummy, my neighbor did the same and had such a great catch, that we got a free delivery..... Whoot!