Steak Time

5 months ago

Hi Friends,

My wife and kids went to visit my parents in law and stayed overnight, which meant one thing for me - time for a big steak!


This was an extra thick New York strip steak. I didn't find anything I liked that was already cut and the butcher window was empty so I asked if he had anything thicker. He then went back and cut me this one, which weighed in at 25 ounces - probably about 3 inches thick as it was not a wide steak.

I had to cook it longer on the grill - I normally go 9 minutes total for an inch and a half thick ribeye, so it took me 18 total minutes to get this one to medium rare. It was good!

I also watched some sports on TV and Bering Sea Gold on the Discovery channel - sometimes it is fun to be a bachelor for a day!

Thanks for coming by,

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I do not remember the last time my wife and I were not together for part of a day. Now I remember it was back about 18 years ago when I had to go on a business trip. Only for work were we apart that long. Have a good day.


Wow, that is dedication!