Weekend Recap

3 months ago

Hi Friends,

I had a good weekend and hope each of you did as well.

You already know about my Saturday from yesterday’s post so I guess the only part to recap is Sunday,

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning after getting an extra hour of time for daylight saving. I can’t say we got an extra hour of sleep as it just meant the kids woke up earlier. We played around the house the rest of the day, games and blocks inside while we played in the dirt and with chalk outside. We put the kids to bed early and the weekend was over. Here are a couple of pics:



Thanks for coming by!

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Looks like a beautiful fall day with the blue sky and clouds. Keep safe and enjoy the family time.


Thanks, yes, the weather was quite nice!

Wonderfull View and Beautiful Family 👪 Always be Happy 😊


Thanks for the kind words.

beautiful family photos, thank you for sharing, have a nice day

Thank you very much for sharing