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Blockchain driven development is already a style in the world budget market. When it comes to digital currencies with the layman, Bitcoin is always the best. Despite this, the business has passed through a simple form of cryptographic money. There are many interesting things going on in the Crypto space where one of them is DeFi the importance of Decentralized Funds.
Until now, things changed so fast in the Crypto space. DeFi has flooded the world of Cryptographic money. Some specialists even predict DeFi will become the next big thing in the blockchain industry worldwide.

DeFi implies a Decentralized Fund. This is a completely new Money related framework opening up to every citizen of the world. It is an unlimited blockchain-based Money related framework that combines Decentralized Applications to influence its activities. DeFi setup is straightforward, sure, and independent too.

About Tradetoken

Tradetoken Network may be a blockchain project that gives solutions, transparency, and empowerment for its ecosystem users. Since the longer term of blockchain is Defi, We are positioned to be the world’s no.1 best one-stop hub for standardized decentralized financial applications that will add value to businesses, governments and individuals.

Tradetoken is a blockchain platform that will bring together investors, buyers and sellers, and enable smooth and secure transactions. In the Tradetoken Market, users can enjoy many blockchain products and services which are very useful to assist them perform daily transactions. Tradetoken as a politician token of the Market and Tradetoken are going to be used because the official currency for all transactions and empower all products and services within the Ecosystem.

The main goal of Tradetoken is to become a production factory for Defi products for daily use for businesses, governments, and individuals with a safe and comfortable ecosystem with us. Tradetoken is employed because the main currency for all transactions.

Services offered by Tradetoken

  • Reliable service
  • Low cost
  • Good safety
  • Amazing Defi application
  • Fast Speed Transactions
  • First class support

Tradetoken is a startup that is ready to build liquidity of their DeFi tokens with ease using the Tradetoken stage. Tradetoken will provide everyone with a safe haven to explore. The DeFi venture has attracted a lot of foothold since its inception due to its accumulation of liquidity. It is a contract with a Concentrated trading stage.

Tradetoken is the first of its kind on the crypto market. It has all the regular features of most wallets like: storage, quick-swap, staking, and P2P, but there’s one other major feature that creates it stand out from the remainder. And we call it as TCS (Transaction Confirmation System)

Tradetoken offers a decentralized crypto market that will help new companies understand their fantasies and aspirations. Business visionaries, organizations will access fair-minded liquidity that will help their creative thinking come to the real world. Tradetoken will make pooling liquidity accessible in the pre-posting period of a business and furthermore for existing crypto resources. This is a great setup in the crypto space.



This is Tradetoken’s flagship blockchain product. It is a strong whitelabel exchange where you’ll trade / exchange / exchange quite 150 standard cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Eth, Xrp, Doge, Zec, Dash etc. It is fast, secure and decentralized.

Token Information

Token name: Trade Token
Symbol Token: TTO
Total supply: 100,000,000

Tradetoken is an Ethereum based token.
contract address: 0x996Df3D7e3054A39432e76295Df2D7C8EAB8B4bC

Token Distribution

Bounty: 3%
Devlompment: 40%
Combustion: 10%
Marketing: 20%
Airdrop: 2%
Team: 25%


  • Q2- 2020
    Token Development
  • Q3–2020
    Private Sales, Pre-IEO & Exchange Launch
  • Q4–2020
    2nd-Tier Exchange & IEO Listings
  • Q1–2021
    Coinmarketcap & Top-Tier EXchange Listings
  • Q2–2021
    Blockwire App Launch
  • Q3–2021
    Private Chain Mainnet Launch
  • Q4–2021
    TTWakka, TTSports, Tradetoken Debitcard & TTSusu Mega Launch




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