last year

Our daughter Lesly painted this last weekend. She started it on Friday evening, and finished it Saturday morning. I was so pleased with this amazing painting I wanted to share it here for all my blogging friends to admire. We are very grateful for our beautiful daughter Lesly!! 💖

Sunflower by Lesly

Photograph by @paradise-found

Thanks for visiting, have an awesome day!!

GV Family Rocks!! 😎

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nice work!


Thank you, it means alot coming from you my friend!

Please tell her I said, " Very nice. Well done. I like the depth of the flower heads. "


Thank you so much!

Your daughter has a great talent friend @paradise-found!


Thank you!!

Your daughter is very talented, very good painting @paradise-found


Thank you my friend!



A very interesting painting @paradise-found. Looks like your daughter is very talented in painting.


Thank you!

Lovely artwork!
Sunflower is a sign of positivity. Have a wonderful weekend 🌻


Thank you Cat!!
You have a good weekend as well. 💖